aruliden logo aruliden is an award-winning brand strategy and product design consultancy based in New York City, founded by Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden in 2006. Through their unique process of producting, aruliden uses design to rethink brands. > Website

Bernhardt Design Logo Bernhardt Design was founded in 1980 by the 120-year-old Bernhardt Furniture Company and continues to be a leader and innovator in furniture design and production. During the past 10 years, President Jerry Helling has assembled an extraordinary creative team that has positioned Bernhardt Design as one of the leading international design companies, boasting an extensive roster of talent. > Website

School at Columbia Logo The School at Columbia University is one of the most diverse K-8 independent schools in the nation. Located in Manhattan’s upper west side, The School bridges some of the city’s widest social and economic gaps. Paired with some of the most passionate faculty members teaching a truly integrated curriculum, the result is a widely innovative and inspiring educational community. > Website

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